Partially Absorbable Hernia Mesh


PAHA Partially Absorbable Hernia Mesh

Altaylar Medical producing Mesh products for hernia fixation under the name Paha with 2D and 3D forms is the unique producer company in Turkey.


Laparoscopic Use

General Features 

Paha PPG Mesh composed of Polypropylene and Poliglicolide yarn is produced with a special weaving technique. Poliglicolic acid content of Paha PPG is absorbed homogeously between 2-3 months and the remained PP provides strength for maximum comfort of patient. It is compatible with body and convenient for laporoscopic use thanks to its flexible structure. Soft characteristics does not cause damage on applied side. 100% full absorbable mesh Paha PGA is also avaliable. (Polyglycolide Mesh.)